I recently just participated in a very first race in a small but nice country called Brunei. Although it was the initial step for an international running event, this race did not disappoint me. Let’s see what you can expect from this event.

Location : Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien, Bandar Seribegawan

Category : Only 2 types 1) 10K flag off at 6:45 am and 2) 5K flag off at 7:00 am

Race course :  

Event website : https://www.bruneirun.com

Before race day:

    • Race kit collection : Since I flew from BKK and arrived Brunei quite late so I missed the race kit collection. I did contact the event staff to deliver to my accommodation and they agreed to do that
    • Race package : This is one of the most favourite race kit so far for me! In the package you will get 1 orange tee (looks like a good quality one and I like the design), discount coupon for Brooks, Sunscreen, Tiger balm, small tower with Brunei run on it. To me this looks nice and premium. One thing that is missing is no chip for both categories (quite sad) so it means you cannot track your result online.

On race day:

    • Starting and finishing point : they are the same place and are located at (you can see the main mosque of the city from here). The event looks very simple.
    • Water point : the first one is about 3 KM after the starting point and then I could see the water station every 2 km.
    • Storage : There is a storage table that staff will help you keep your belongings.
    • How to get to the starting point? : I walked to the event since my hotel is not far from it but if you need a taxi, download app “Dart” for your convenient ride in Brunei ( I myself feel impressed with this service, every car I got is nice, clean and fare starts from 5$)
    • Atmosphere/ Racing moment : The event started with a warm up and 10K men were released first, followed by 10K women, 5K men and 5K women respectively. To me the starting moment was nice and simple (with fun music) and luckily the race day was not too hot. Road was partially closed but there are staffs who guide you the direction. The hardest moment of 10K route for me was running along the bridge. It was quite steep slope and long distance. I recommend to prepare for inclination before you come.

    • Medal : I like it! It comes with the nice design. 

    • Finishing tee : only for 10K finisher. The tee is super colorful.




Even though Brunei run 2020 is a first-time event. The race was quite organized and no trouble or problem caused for me. I love the race kit a lot and hopefully the event organiser could improve it to be better and attractive to runners from all around the world.

What I like : Race kit

What I dislike : no chip and cannot track result online



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